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An awesome product, and it's about time

Toby - Mechanical/Industrial Engineer

A Calculator Built for Engineering

Swift Calcs was designed from the ground up by engineers looking for an intuitive and time-efficient alternative to paper, spreadsheets, and cumbersome computation packages. Use Swift Calcs to perform your engineering design and analysis calculations faster and more reliably. Take advantage of:

  • Human Readable Mathematics Math and equations as you learned them, textbook-style. No computer code, no LaTeX, no markup, no special syntax, only maximum productivity.
  • Full Unit Support From Amperes to Zettameters, Swift Calcs seamlessly handles, converts, and simplifies units from every discipline of engineering, eliminating conversion errors and enforcing unit consistency.
  • Advanced Math Engine Swift Calcs relies on a proven, open-source mathematics engine to power your calculations, offering solutions for symbolic calculus, numerical methods, and more that you can trust.
  • Engineering Reference Library Toss out the textbook and rely on our rich library of engineering equations, formula, and reference data to speed along your analysis.


A Dynamic Mathematical Environment, Anywhere at Anytime

Swift Calcs runs entirely in your browser. No software to download, setup, configure, or install. Rely on our cloud-based environment to:

  • Access Your Calculations Anytime, Anywhere Your worksheets are securely stored by Swift Calcs in the cloud, allowing you immediate access from any internet connected device with a browser.
  • Instant Collaboration Share your calculations instantly with anyone in the world. Your clients and colleagues gain instant access to shared files, with no software to download, no compatibility issues to worry about, and no email attachments to track.
  • Full Revision History As you work, Swift Calcs takes snapshots of your documents, allowing you to quickly and easily restore old versions.

Connect with Leading CAD Providers

Using Swift Calcs plugins for Onshape and Autodesk Fusion 360, you can link your Swift Calcs design calculations directly with your CAD files:

  • Directly Drive CAD Geometry Use your Swift Calcs calculations to directly drive CAD geometry, through variables (Onshape) or User Parameters (Fusion 360). As you update and change your calculation, the geometry is automatically updated in real-time.
  • Automatic File Association Open Swift Calcs from within your Onshape or Autodesk Fusion 360 files and Swift Calcs will show you calculation files specifically linked to your CAD document. Never lose design documentation again.
  • Seamless File Sharing Swift Calcs files associated with CAD documents follow the sharing settings of the CAD file. Share your CAD file with your team and they automatically gain access to the associated Swift Calcs calculations.
View the Swift Calcs for Onshape App
View the Swift Calcs for Autodesk Fusion 360 App

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Swift Calcs Core Features
Human Readable Mathematics
Advanced Math Engine
Full Unit Support in Calculations
Include Variables From Other Worksheets
Engineering Equation and Function Library
Coming Soon...
Engineering Materials Database
Thermodynamic Properties Database
Create Custom Toolboxes and Functions
Coming Soon...
Collaboration Features
Access Files Anywhere, Anytime
Open-Source Worksheets
Private Worksheets
Collaborators per Worksheet 4 Unlimited
Team Sharing Options
Cleaned output when printing
Plugins and Connections
Autodesk Fusion 360
Online Forums and Knowledgebase
Priority Email Support 2 tickets per month
Priority Feature Development
Full SSL encryption between you and Swift Calcs
View-Only Permissions
View-Only and Copy Permissions
Ability to Invalidate and Reset URLs
File Revision History Up to 1 week

10-day Free Trial

10-day Free Trial
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